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YC's Men's Ministry…

meet seasonally (fall-spring) each week.  If you are looking for a place to grow with other men through Bible engagement or through a workbook study - we have place for you here.

We have Bible studies, support/recovery groups, and retreats for you to join other men going through the same things you deal with every day.  Our commitment at YC is to journey alongside you through life.  We encourage you to take advantage of all YC has to offer you.



yC men's ministry grow groups


Sunday Morning

Men's Accountability Grow Group with Dave Fuller

Time:  6-8a

Location:  Paul's Place Restaurant - 2291 G. St.


Monday Evening

Men’s Grace Revelation

Time: 6:30-8:30p

Location: El Capitan, Room 15


Tuesday Morning

Men's Bible Study Grow Group with Reuben & Jared

Time:  6-7:15a

Location:  Half Dome, Room 201



Mariposa Men’s Group

Time: 6-7a

Location: Private Home in Mariposa


Tuesday Evenings

Men's Bible Study Grow Groups - a variety of studies

Time:  7-9p

Location:  Half Dome


Men's Bible Study Grow Group with Craig McGowen

Time:  7-8:30p

Location:  Half Dome, Room 203


Wednesday Morning

Men's Bible Study Grow Group with Jeff Lawry

Time:  5:40-7a

Location:  London Properties, 67 W. Alexander Ave.


Wednesday Evening

Men’ Bible Study Grow Group with Loyd

Time: 7-8:30p

Location: Tenaya House



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