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Thank you so much for all who gave to the 2018 Christmas Offering. You gave a total of $64,400! We will give a portion of that to the Hope Mountain Foundation.

You have also made it possible to better meet people where they are and love them to where Christ wants them to be. We had a problem - much of our outside space had been beautiful, but not functional. Your contributions to last year's Christmas Offering- "From Dollars to Sense", made it possible for us to construct a beautiful courtyard area that can accommodate outdoor events such as receptions and ministry gatherings.

This year, we will continue converting the functionality of the outdoor space to walkways, prayer spaces, seating areas and high-tolerant plants. Construction began in May.


We recently had a YC Stretch Work Day in which around 30 Summer Stretch members came out to help spread some rocks for the dry river bed, and assemble the benches and picnic tables. All of the work they did saved us $5000! Thank you to all who invested their time, talent and tithe to help us reach our goal!

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We did not have any child dedications this month.


celebrate with us as we congratulate all of those who

have been baptized in the month of July


1.   Mykaela Jade Trujillo

2. Galilea Eliza Zaragoza

3. William Bentley

Sylvia J. Marana

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  • Congratulations to Patrick Garcia and Danyel Robertson, who were married in Atwater, CA on 6/29

  • Congratulations to Harold Mateo and Evamarie Villegas, who were married at Lake Yosemite Merced, CA on 7/7

  • Congratulations to Joe and Donna Osborn, who celebrate their fifty-eighth wedding anniversary on 7/9

  • Congratulations to John and Doris Exum, who celebrate their thirty-third wedding anniversary on 7/11

  • Congratulations to Jeff and Aimee Lawry, who celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary on 7/14

  • Congratulations to Mark and Sheri Matsumoto, who celebrate their forty-second wedding anniversary on 7/16

  • Congratulations to Al and Shana Lemke, who celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary on 7/16

  • Congratulations to Steve and Ellisa Rough, who celebrate their thirty-eighth wedding anniversary on 7/18

  • Congratulations to Jonathan and Cherie White, who celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on 7/18

  • Congratulations to Daniel and Carrie Silva, who celebrate their twenty-fourth wedding anniversary on 7/20

  • Congratulations to Bill and Pang Thao, who celebrate their eighteenth wedding anniversary on 7/20

  • Congratulations to Luke and Katie Brown, who celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on 7/24

If you are celebrating a wedding or anniversary next month, please let us know.

Email us at:

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James Thaddeus DeBolt

June 21, 1979 – May 23, 2019

James lived for 39 years, 11 months, 2 days

Husband of Brandy Garcia

Anthony Giron, Jr.

November 23, 2000 – July 1, 2019

Anthony lived for 18 years, 7 months, and 8 days

Son of Sandi Duren


Michael Scott McGowan

April 18, 1972 - July 9, 2019

Scott lived for 47 years, 2 months, and 21 days

Husband of Kristina McGowan and son of Donna McGowan


Jessica Susan Trevino White

September 7, 1978 – July 16, 2019

Jessica lived for 40 years, 10 months, and 9 days

Daughter of Calvin White and wife of Randy Humphry