An excerpt from Pastor jeff’s latest bible study…

Apathy is cancer to a thriving faith and life. When our faith loses focus the cancer has already begun to spread. Without treatment it can eat away at everything we hold dear. Jesus was the ultimate revolutionary. His promise to fill us with Himself until we overflow with Him was in every way revolutionary. His very presence called into question every alternate means by which we seek meaning. Until we settle the issue that life at its fullest only comes from Him, we are ignoring the cancer. The treatment that Jesus prescribed was indeed revolutionary because it was contained within a relationship that He freely offers to anyone willing to address the problems of living.

Jesus came to instigate a revolution that would be embraced and advanced by His followers - the church - as a force to be reckoned with. When we successfully get past any doubt that we can do anything significant and understand that doing our part, combined with His divine power, is amazingly significant, then change, growth, rescue, and help multiplies everywhere. We have to shatter the misbelief that our small piece, our little contribution is of no consequence.

Are you ready to kill the cancer of apathy? Can you see the need around you? Do you want to be a part of the solution? Do you want to join the cause of Jesus? Are you ready for a Jesus Revolution in your own life? If so, Welcome to the Revolution!