Coffee Break


Coffee Break is…

an interdenominational women's Bible study welcoming women from all walks of life. 


We are the 2019 Women’s Coffee Break Leaders

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We want to thank all of you lovely ladies that are a part of the Women’s Coffee Break Bible study. If you are not a part of a Grow Group, we would love to invite you to come and Grow Together with us at Coffee Break. You will see below what we are studying, when and where we meet. We can’t wait to meet you.



Women’s Coffee Break is kicking off the fall season with Discover Mark. The story in Mark is considered by many to be one of the more action-packed biographies of Jesus, inviting those who read it to be astonished by his words and his works. The stories help give meaning to what it means to live like Christ and to discover the power available to us to follow his example.

Day: Tuesday

Time: 10a-12p

Location: Half Dome

Free Childcare Available

If you are new to Women’s Coffee Break register below.