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tithing is a seed you sow, not a debt you owe


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You still have time to give to our Christmas Offering 2018 campaign, Finishing What We Started. Through your generous offering we will continue our campus beautification project with the addition of new seating areas, prayer spaces, improved lighting, and landscaped walkways. The goal is to have a beautiful and more functional campus that responsibly and efficiently utilizes the outdoor space for year-round use.

We know from years of experience that our campus has the ability to host hundreds and thousands of people.  When we do this, we are able to accomplish so many things that work to draw others to Christ. It empowers us to minister to families in all stages: from dedicating a baby, to baptizing a child, weddings, funerals, family ministry, and youth events; to building a stronger mission program, and enriching men’s and women’s ministry; to events for couples working to hold their family together; to developing leaders through hosting training for hundreds of people from all over our community. In addition to more usable campus space for ministry related activities, we also increase our ability to host events from the City of Merced, the hospital, the UC and Merced College. Every year more agencies in our community are wanting to use our space for their events, getting them one step closer to a relationship with Christ.

When we give together this year, we will continue to build our ability to serve our church family and our community. In addition to increasing our ministry here in Merced, we will reach across the world to make a long lasting impact on some of the most vulnerable in the world. Children who have been sold into sex trafficking.

This year we will again give support to the ministry of The Hope Mountain Aftercare Center which is being developed in Cebu, Philippines as a residential aftercare center for children rescued from online sexual exploitation where their parents are the perpetrators.  Currently there are no facilities that accept brothers and sisters; so siblings are separated.   The trauma experienced by these young children is indescribable.   A donation to the Hope Mountain Foundation will go directly to the construction of this facility.

Choose Christmas Offering from the drop-down menu when giving to the Christmas Offering 2018: Finishing What We Started.